About us


At Full Circle Kingdom, we specialize in empowering individuals to reclaim control over their financial future. Our dedicated team works to revitalize your financial standing, ensuring you can confidently pursue your dreams and aspirations.

Through our proven process, we meticulously analyze and eliminate obstacles that hinder your path to financial growth. Our tailored solutions focus on eradicating unfavorable elements, granting you the freedom to rise above limitations and unlock new opportunities.

Experience the transformation as you witness your financial landscape flourish, empowering you to achieve the life you desire.



Lauren rose

Lauren Rose, a graduate of Georgia Southern University, with a degree in Broadcast Administration minoring in Marketing. After graduating, she found herself unable to get a job in her field. She started dabbling in various home-based businesses and found her calling in helping people. She specializes in working with women entrepreneurs who want to expand and start their businesses.